World Fantasy Award 2015: i vincitori!

Ed eccovi in tempo reale la lista dei vincitori dei World Fantasy Awards 2015, consegnati durante la World Fantasy Convention a Saratoga:

Here, in real time from the World Fantasy Convention in Saratoga, the list of World Fantasy Awards 2015 Winners:

Life Achievement

Ramsey Campbell
Sheri S. Tepper


David Mitchell, The Bone Clocks (Random House/Sceptre UK)


Daryl Gregory, We Are All Completely Fine (Tachyon Publications)

Short Story

Scott Nicolay, Do You Like to Look at Monsters? (Fedogan & Bremer, chapbook)


Kelly Link and Gavin J. Grant, eds., Monstrous Affections: An Anthology of Beastly Tales (Candlewick Press)


Angela Slatter, The Bitterwood Bible and Other Recountings (Tartarus Press)

Helen Marshall, Gifts for the One Who Comes After (ChiZine Publications)


Samuel Araya

Special Award – Professional

Sandra Kasturi and Brett Alexander Savory, for ChiZine Publication

Special Award—Non-professional

Ray B. Russell and Rosalie Parker, for Tartarus Press

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