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The Best Horror of the Year – vol. 11

È disponibile la nuova antologia horror curata da Ellen Datlow, The Best Horror of the Year – vol. 11, selezione dei migliori racconti di paura e terrore dell’ultimo anno.

Tra gli Autori presenti in questa nuova edizione segnaliamo, a titolo di esempio, Laird Barron, John Langan, Robert Shearman, Kristi DeMeester, Gemma Files, e molti altri.

Qui sotto, l’indice completo dei racconti presenti in questa edizione.

Remember Nothing — Anne Billson
Monkeys on the Beach — Ralph Robert Moore
Painted Wolves — Ray Cluley
Shit Happens — Michael Marshall Smith 
You Know How the Story Goes — Thomas Olde Heuvelt 
Back Along the Old Track — Sam Hicks
Masks — Peter Sutton
The Donner Party — Dale Bailey
Milkteeth — Kristi DeMeester
Haak — John Langan
Thin Cold Hands — Gemma Files
A Tiny Mirror by Eloise — C. C. Shepherd
I Love You Mary-Grace — Amelia Mangan
The Jaws of Ouroboros — Steve Toase
A Brief Moment of Rage — Bill Davidson
Golden Sun — Kristi DeMeester, Richard Thomas, Damien Angelica Walters, and Michael Wehunt 
White Mare — Thana Niveau  
Girls Without Their Faces On — Laird Barron
Thumbsucker — Robert Shearman   
You Are Released — Joe Hill
Red Rain — Adam-Troy Castro
Split Chain Stitch — Steve Toase 
No Exit — Orrin Grey
Haunt – Siobhan Carroll
Sleep — Carly Holmes

It is now available the new horror anthology edited by Ellen Datlow, The Best Horror of the Year – vol.11, with the selection of best horror stories of the last year. See above the full list of contents.

Rivelati i contenuti dell’Year’s Best Weird Fiction Vol. 5

7FD080E0-F95B-4B67-B512-6CBD87ADD83CMichael Kelly e il curatore ospite, lo scrittore Robert Shearman, hanno svelato i racconti presenti nel quinto volume dell’YBWF. Ecco la lista dei racconti che comporranno il volume, la cui uscita è prevista per ottobre 2018 per Undertow Books.


Michael Kelly and Robert Shearman revealed the contents of Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol. 5, to be published by Undertow Books in October.

Here follows the full list of contents.


• “Live Through This” by Nadia Bulkin.
• “Flotsam” by Daniel Carpenter
• “The Narrow Escape of Zipper-Girl” by Adam-Troy Castro
• “The Unwish” by Claire Dean
• “Worship Only What She Bleeds” by Kristi DeMeester
• “The Second Door” by Brian Evenson
• “When Words Change the Molecular Composition of Water” by Jenni Fagan
• “The Convexity of Our Youth” by Kurt Fawver
• “Corzo” by Brenna Gomez
• “The Mouse Queen” by Camilla Grudova
• “You Will Always Have Family: A Triptych” by Kathleen Kayembe
• “The Anteater” by Joshua King
• “Curb Day” by Rebecca Kuder
• “The Entertainment Arrives” by Alison Littlewood
• “The Rock Eater” by Ben Loory
• “Eight Bites” by Carmen Maria Carmen Machado
• “The Way She is With Strangers” by Helen Marshall
• “The Possession” by Michael Mirolla
• “Skins Smooth as Plantain, Hearts Soft as Mango” by Ian Muneshwar
• “House of Abjection” by David Peak
• “Disappearer” by KL Pereira
• “Red Hood” by Eric Schaller
• “Something About Birds” by Paul Tremblay
• “Take the Way Home That Leads Back To Sullivan Street” by Chavisa Woods

Gli inquietanti racconti di Kristi DeMeester



Everything That’s Underneath è il titolo della prima antologia personale di racconti horror e weird della scrittrice americana Kristi DeMeester.

Il volume, edito da Apex Books Company, è disponibile in formato cartaceo, anche autografato, e digitale e raccoglie diciotto racconti dell’Autrice, tra cui tre inediti.

La copertina è di Mikio Murakami.

“A dark, intelligent, relentless collection.” —Paul Tremblay

Everything That’s Underneath is the title of the first short fiction collection by the American writer Kristi DeMeester.

The volume, published by Apex Books Company and available in paperback (also signed) and digital edition, includes thirtheen horror and weird stories, three of which are unpublished. Cover art and title design by Mikio Murakami.


Behold!: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders

PrintLa Casa Editrice Crystal Lake Publishing ha pubblicato recentemente una nuova antologia weird: Behold!: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders.

Il volume, disponibile sia in formato cartaceo che digitale, offre una vasta scelta di racconti, divisi in tre sezioni come da titolo, di famosi scrittori del fantastico come Neil Gaiman, Clive Barker, Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Morton, John Langan, Kristi DeMeester, Richard Thomas e molti altri.

L’antologia è curata da Doug Murano, con introduzione di Josh Malerman, illustrazioni di Luke Spooner e copertina di John Coulthart.


We announce a new weird anthology by Crystal Lake Publishing: Behold!: Oddities, Curiosities and Undefinable Wonders, available from the end of July in paper and digital edition.

Featuring Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Morton, Brian Kirk, Hal Bodner, Stephanie M. Wytovich, John Langan, Erinn L. Kemper, John F.D. Taff, Patrick Freivald, Lucy A. Snyder, Brian Hodge, Kristi DeMeester, Christopher Coake, Sarah Read and Richard Thomas. Foreword by Josh Malerman. Illustrations by Luke Spooner. Cover art by John Coulthart.


Looming Low vol.1 in preorder

Dim Shores presenta una nuova antologia di racconti di letteratura weird, ora in preorder in paperback e deluxe edition, Looming Low vol.1.

Il volume sarà presentato alla NecronomiCon di Providence ad agosto.

Qui di seguito, la lista dei racconti presenti nell’antologia.

Dim Shores presents a new anthology dedicated to weird literature, Looming Low vol.1.

The volume, now in preorder, contains 26 short stories and will debut at NecronomiCon in Providence, in August.

Here follows the table of contents.

“The Convexity of Our Youth” – Kurt Fawver
“The Stories We Tell About Ghosts” – A.C. Wise
“In Canada” – Michael Wehunt
“The Second Door” – Brian Evenson
“The Christiansen Deaths” – Daniel Mills
“Dusk Urchin” – Betty Rocksteady
“The Gin House” – Livia Llewellyn
“This Unquiet Space” – Damien Angelica Walters
“We Grope Together, and Avoid Speech” – Sunny Moraine
“Heirloom” – Brooke Warra
“That Which Does Not Kill You” – Lucy A. Snyder
“Doused by Night” – Simon Strantzas
“We Are All Bone Inside” – Kaaron Warren
“Outside, a Drifter” – Lisa L Hannett
“The Small Deaths of Skin and Plastic” – Kristi DeMeester
“When the Blue Sky Breaks” – Scott Nicolay
“Mirror Bias” – Craig L. Gidney
“Boisea trivittata” – Anya Martin
“Rock n’ Roll Death Squad” – Michael Cisco
“Alligator Point” – S.P. Miskowski
“Stranger in the House” – Jeffrey Thomas
“SPARAGMOS” – Christopher Slatsky
“Banishments” – Richard Gavin
​​​​​​​“The Sound of Black Dissects the Sun” – Michael Griffin
“Live Through This” – Nadia Bulkin
“Distant Dark Places” – Gemma Files

Trade Paperback art: Yves Tourigny
Deluxe Hardcover art: Marcela Bolívar

The Best Horror of the Year vol.9

IMG_1772Rivelato il contenuto del nono volume dell’antologia con il meglio dell’horror annuale, curato da Ellen Datlow e in pubblicazione dalla Night Shades Books, The Best Horror of the Year vol.9.

L’uscita è prevista per il 20 giugno 2017.

Qui di seguito, la lista completa dei contenuti.

Nesters, Siobhan Carroll
The Oestridae, Robert Levy
The Process is a Process All its Own, Peter Straub
The Bad Hour, Christopher Golden
Red Rabbit, Steve Rasnic Tem
It’s All the Same Road in the End, Brian Hodge
Fury, DB Waters
Grave Goods, Gemma Files
Between Dry Ribs Gregory, Norman Bossert
The Days of Our Lives, Adam LG Nevill
House of Wonders, C.E Ward
The Numbers, Christopher Burns
Bright Crown of Joy, Livia Llewellyn
The Beautiful Thing We Will Become, Kristi DeMeester
Wish You Were Here, Nadia Bulkin
Ragman, Rebecca Lloyd
What’s Out There?, Gary McMahon
No Matter Which Way We Turned, Brian Evenson
The Castellmarch Man, Ray Cluley
The Ice Beneath Us, Steve Duffy
On These Blackened Shores of Time, Brian Hodge

The Best Horror of the Year Vol.9, edited by Ellen Datlow, will be published by Night Shades Books on June the 20th.

Find above the full list of contents.

Looming Low, antologia weird in uscita ad Agosto

Dim Shores annuncia la prossima pubblicazione, prevista per Agosto 2017, di una nuova e corposa antologia dedicata al weird, Looming Low, curata da Justin Steel e Sam Cowan: 26 racconti inediti dalle più prestigiose firme del weird.

L’antologia sarà presentata alla NecronomiCon 2017, che si terrà a Providence, dal 17 al 20 agosto.

img_1766Questo il contenuto del volume:

Nadia Bulkin — “Live Through This”
Michael Cisco — “Rock n’ Roll Death Squad”
Kristi DeMeester — “The Small Deaths of Skin and Plastic”
Brian Evenson — “The Second Door”
Kurt Fawver — “The Convexity of Our Youth”
Gemma Files — “Distant Dark Places”
Richard Gavin — “Banishments”
Craig Laurance Gidney — “Mirror Bias”
Michael Griffin — “The Sound of Black Dissects the Sun”
Lisa Hannett — “Outside, a Drifter”
Livia Llewellyn — “The Gin House”
Anya Martin — “Boisea trivittata”
Daniel Mills — “The Christiansen Deaths”
S.P. Miskowski — “Alligator Point”
Sunny Moraine — “We Grope Together, and Avoid Speech”
Scott Nicolay — “When the Blue Sky Breaks”
Betty Rocksteady — “Dusk Urchin”
Christopher Slatsky — “SPARAGMOS”
Lucy Snyder — “That Which Does Not Kill You”
Simon Strantzas — “Doused by Night”
Jeffrey Thomas — “Stranger in the House”
Damien Angelica Walters — “This Unquiet Space”
Brooke Warra — “Heirloom”
Kaaron Warren — “We Are All Bone Inside”
Michael Wehunt — “In Canada”
A.C. Wise — “The Stories We Tell About Ghosts”


Dim Shores announced a new huge anthology of short stories by the most famous Weird’s writer, Looming Low, edited by Justin Steel and Sam Cowan. The volume will be presented during the NecronomiCon 2017, to be held in Providence from 17 to 20 August.

This new collection will be published in August 2017 and will contain 26 unpublished stories: see above the full list.

State of the Weird 2017

img_1595Tradizionale appuntamento con il podcast inglese This is Horror di Scott Nicolay.

In questa puntata,  Paul Jessup, Michael Matheson, Silvia Moreno-Garcia e Ann VanderMeer raggiungono Scott Nicolay per una tavola rotonda sulla letteratura weird all’inizio del 2017.

In chiusura, Kristi DeMeester annuncia interessanti novità editoriali.

Il podcast è disponibile a questo indirizzo.




A new interesting podcast  for This is Horror: Paul Jessup, Michael Matheson, Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Ann VanderMeer join Scott Nicolay for a roundtable discussion of the State of the Weird at the beginning of 2017.

Then in a special bonus interview, Kristi DeMeester reveals exciting upcoming book news and more.

Here the link for the podcast

Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol.3 revealed!

amseyMichael Kelly e Simon Strantzas annunciano l’indice del terzo volume di Year’s Weird Best Fiction, la raccolta dei migliori racconti weird di lingua inglese del 2015.

Eccovi la lista:

  • “The Strangers” di Robert Aickman.
  • “Rangel” di Matthew M. Bartlett.
  • “Little Girls in Bone Museums” di Sadie Bruce.
  • “Violet is the Color of Your Energy” di Nadia Bulkin.
  • “Fetched” di Ramsey Campbell.
  • “The Marking” di Kristi DeMeester.
  • “Seaside Town” di Brian Evenson.
  • “Julie” di L.S. Johnson.
  • “Rabbit, Cat, Girl” di Rebecca Kuder.
  • “Strange Currents” di Tim Lebbon.
  • “The Rooms Are High” di Reggie Oliver.
  • “The Seventh Wave” di Lynda E. Rucker.
  • “Blood” di Robert Shearman.
  • “Loveliness Like a Shadow” di Christopher Slatsky.
  • “Honey Moon” di D.P. Watt.
  • “The Devil Under the Maison Blue” di Michael Wehunt.
  • “Orange Dogs” di Marian Womack.
  • “Visit Lovely Cornwall on the Western Railway Line” di Genevieve Valentine

Michael Kelly and Simon Strantzas announced the Table of Contents for volume 3 of the Year’s Best Weird Fiction.

Here the list:

  • “The Strangers” by Robert Aickman. First published in The Strangers and Other Writings.
  • “Rangel” by Matthew M. Bartlett. First published in Rangel.
  • “Little Girls in Bone Museums” by Sadie Bruce. First published in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March/April 2015.
  • “Violet is the Color of Your Energy” by Nadia Bulkin. First published in She Walks in Shadows, Silvia Moreno-Garcia & Paula R. Stiles, eds.
  • “Fetched” by Ramsey Campbell. First published in Horrorology, Stephen Jones, ed., as “Nightmare.”
  • “Guest” by Brian Conn. First published in The Bestiary, AnnVanderMeer, ed.
  • “The Marking” by Kristi DeMeester. First published in Three-lobed Burning Eye #27.
  • “Seaside Town” by Brian Evenson. First published in Aickman’s Heirs, Simon Strantzas, ed.
  • “Julie” by L.S. Johnson. First published in Strange Tales V, Rosalie Parker, ed.
  • “Rabbit, Cat, Girl” by Rebecca Kuder. First published in XIII: Stories of Transformation, Mark Teppo, ed.
  • “Strange Currents” by Tim Lebbon. First published in Innsmouth Nightmares, Lois H. Gresh, ed.
  • “The Rooms Are High” by Reggie Oliver. First published in The Sea of Blood.
  • “The Seventh Wave” by Lynda E. Rucker. First published in Terror Tales of the Ocean, Paul Finch, ed.
  • “Blood” by Robert Shearman. First published in Seize the Night, Christopher Golden, ed.
  • “Loveliness Like a Shadow” by Christopher Slatsky. First published in Alectryomancer and Other Weird Tales.
  • “Honey Moon” by D.P. Watt. First published in A Soliloquy for Pan, Mark Beech, ed.
  • “The Devil Under the Maison Blue” by Michael Wehunt. First published in The Dark #10.
  • “Orange Dogs” by Marian Womack. First published in
  • “Visit Lovely Cornwall on the Western Railway Line” by Genevieve Valentine. First published in The Doll Collection, Ellen Datlow, ed.

Edizioni Hypnos partner di Horror Writer Association Italy

È ufficiale: Edizioni Hypnos è ora partner della Horror Writer Association Italy: la nostra Casa Editrice entra a far par della lista degli Editori italiani supportano la recentemente creata sezione italiana della celebre HWA.

Il volume Nuovi Incubi, edizione italiana dell’Year’s Weird Best Fiction vol.1, sarà quindi inserito, in versione digitale, nel Gift Pack di quest’anno, offerto agli Associati HWAItaly: una perfetta occasione per scoprire gli Autori del Modern Weird, come Michael Blumlein, Kristi DeMeester, Jeffrey Ford, John R. Fultz, Richard Gavin, Maria Dahvana Headley, John Langan, Livia Llewellyn, Moreno Pavanello, W.H. Pugmire, Joseph S. Pulver Sr., Chen Qiufan, Anne-Sylvie Salzman, Sofia Samatar, Simon Strantzas, Anna Taborska, Jeffrey Thomas, Karin Tidbeck, Paul Tremblay, Jeff VanderMeer, Damien Angelica Walters, A.C. Wise.


Edizioni Hypnos is now partner of The Horror Writer Association Italy, being one of the Italian Publishers supporting this newly created branch of the HWA.

The HWA Italy members will find then the digital edition of Nuovi Incubi italian translation of Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol.1, in the annual Gift Pack: a great opportunity to discover the best weird short stories by Authors like Michael Blumlein, Kristi DeMeester, Jeffrey Ford, John R. Fultz, Richard Gavin, Maria Dahvana Headley, John Langan, Livia Llewellyn, Moreno Pavanello, W.H. Pugmire, Joseph S. Pulver Sr., Chen Qiufan, Anne-Sylvie Salzman, Sofia Samatar, Simon Strantzas, Anna Taborska, Jeffrey Thomas, Karin Tidbeck, Paul Tremblay, Jeff VanderMeer, Damien Angelica Walters, A.C. Wise.