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This is Horror con Livia Llewellyn

Nuova puntata dell’interessante podcast di This Is Horror, questa volta dedicato all’autrice americana Livia Llewellyn, già nota ai lettori italiani per il racconto “Fornace” presente nell’antologia Nuovi Incubi e il romanzo breve Profonditàentrambi pubblicati da Edizioni Hypnos.

In questo podcast, la Llewellyn parla di romanzi e racconti, malintesi sull’horror e molto altro.


A new interesting episode of This is Horror podcast, with Livia Llewellyn, already known by Italian readers for her story “Fornace” in the anthology Nuovi Incubi and the novella Profondità, both published by Edizioni Hypnos.

In this podcast Livia Llewellyn talks about long vs short fiction, bad writing advice, horror misconceptions, and much more.



NecronomiCon 17 a Providence

IMG_3211È giunto quel periodo dell’anno in cui “le stelle sono giuste” e gli appassionati di H.P.Lovecraft e del weird si ritrovano a Providence, dal 17 al 20 Agosto per la diciassettesima edizione del NecronomiCon, Festival internazionale di letteratura horror e weird, arte, cinema, giochi e molto altro.

Tra gli ospiti di quest’anno segnaliamo Ellen Datlow, Peter Straub, Livia Llewellyn, Nnedi Okorafor, Mike Davis, Gemma Files, Paul Di Filippo, Michael Kelly, Scott Nicolay, Simon Strantzas, Paul Tremblay, Steve Rasnic Tem, insieme a moltissimi altri che potrete scoprire sul sito ufficiale.

Il programma completo dell’evento e tutte le informazioni di interesse sono disponibili a questo link.


The Stars are right, for all the fans of H. P. Lovecraft and weird fiction and art, who will gather in Providence from 17 to 20 August for the 17th edition of NecronomiCon, the International Festival of weird fiction, art and academia.

The list of panelists is huge: Ellen Datlow, Peter Straub, Livia Llewellyn, Nnedi Okorafor, Mike Davis, Gemma Files, Paul Di Filippo, Michael Kelly, Scott Nicolay, Simon Strantzas, Paul Tremblay, Steve Rasnic Tem, just to name a few.

More infos on the event at this link.


Looming Low vol.1 in preorder

Dim Shores presenta una nuova antologia di racconti di letteratura weird, ora in preorder in paperback e deluxe edition, Looming Low vol.1.

Il volume sarà presentato alla NecronomiCon di Providence ad agosto.

Qui di seguito, la lista dei racconti presenti nell’antologia.

Dim Shores presents a new anthology dedicated to weird literature, Looming Low vol.1.

The volume, now in preorder, contains 26 short stories and will debut at NecronomiCon in Providence, in August.

Here follows the table of contents.

“The Convexity of Our Youth” – Kurt Fawver
“The Stories We Tell About Ghosts” – A.C. Wise
“In Canada” – Michael Wehunt
“The Second Door” – Brian Evenson
“The Christiansen Deaths” – Daniel Mills
“Dusk Urchin” – Betty Rocksteady
“The Gin House” – Livia Llewellyn
“This Unquiet Space” – Damien Angelica Walters
“We Grope Together, and Avoid Speech” – Sunny Moraine
“Heirloom” – Brooke Warra
“That Which Does Not Kill You” – Lucy A. Snyder
“Doused by Night” – Simon Strantzas
“We Are All Bone Inside” – Kaaron Warren
“Outside, a Drifter” – Lisa L Hannett
“The Small Deaths of Skin and Plastic” – Kristi DeMeester
“When the Blue Sky Breaks” – Scott Nicolay
“Mirror Bias” – Craig L. Gidney
“Boisea trivittata” – Anya Martin
“Rock n’ Roll Death Squad” – Michael Cisco
“Alligator Point” – S.P. Miskowski
“Stranger in the House” – Jeffrey Thomas
“SPARAGMOS” – Christopher Slatsky
“Banishments” – Richard Gavin
​​​​​​​“The Sound of Black Dissects the Sun” – Michael Griffin
“Live Through This” – Nadia Bulkin
“Distant Dark Places” – Gemma Files

Trade Paperback art: Yves Tourigny
Deluxe Hardcover art: Marcela Bolívar

Llewellyn e Braum per Independent Legions

Sono di prossima pubblicazione due nuovi titoli, in lingua inglese, per la casa editrice Independent Legions: si tratta di The one that comes before, di Livia Llewellyn (previsto per fine maggio 2017) e di The wish mechanics, di Daniel Braum (previsto per giugno 2017).

Le copertine, in anteprima, sono di George Cotronis e disponibili sul sito ufficiale dell’Editore, a questo link.


Independent Legions, the italian publisher, announced two new volumes in English language: The one that comes before by Livia Llewellyn and The wish mechanics by Daniel Braum, to be published between May and June 2017.

Find the cover art by George Cotronis for both volumes at this link. 

I finalisti dei Shirley Jackson Awards 2016

Sono stati pubblicati i nomi dei finalisti dei Shirley Jackson’s Awards per il 2016, per le migliori opere letterarie in ambito horror.

Qui di seguito la lista completa dei finalisti.

I nostri complimenti a tutti i finalisti e in particolare a Livia Llewellyn, Laird Barron e Victor LaValle.

Here the full list of the nominees for the Shirley Jackson Awards 2016 for horror literature. Congratulations to all the nominees, and especially to Livia Llewellyn, Laird Barron and Victor LaValle.


Foxlowe, Eleanor Wasserberg (Fourth Estate-UK/Penguin Books-US)
The Girls, Emma Cline (Random House)
I’m Thinking of Ending Things, Iain Reid (Gallery/Scout)
Lily, Michael Thomas Ford (Lethe)
Mongrels, Stephen Graham Jones (William Morrow)
The Wonder, Emma Donoghue (Little, Brown)


The Ballad of Black Tom, Victor LaValle (
The Dream-Quest of Vellitt Boe, Kij Johnson (
“Maggots,” Nina Allan (Five Stories High)
Muscadines, S.P. Miskowski (Dunhams Manor)
The Sadist’s Bible, Nicole Cushing (01 Publishing)
The Warren, Brian Evenson (


“Andy Kaufman Creeping Through the Trees,” Laird Barron (Autumn Cthulhu)
“Angel, Monster, Man,” Sam J. Miller (Nightmare
“Breaking Water,” Indrapramit Das (
“The Night Cyclist,” Stephen Graham Jones (
“Presence,” Helen Oyeyemi (What Is Not Yours Is Not Yours)
“Waxy,” Camilla Grudova (Granta)


“Animal Parts,” Irenosen Okojie (Speak, Gigantular)
“The Apartments,” Karen Heuler (Other Places)
“Postcards from Natalie,” Carrie Laben (The Dark)
“Red,” Katie Knoll (Masters Review)
“Things With Beards,” Sam J. Miller (Clarkesworld)


Almost Insentient, Almost Divine, D.P. Watt (Undertow)
Furnace, Livia Llewellyn (Word Horde)
Greener Pastures, Michael Wehunt (Shock Totem)
A Natural History of Hell, Jeffrey Ford (Small Beer Press)
We Show What We Have Learned, Clare Beams (Lookout)


Autumn Cthulhu, edited by Mike Davis (Lovecraft eZine Press)
The Madness of Dr. Caligari, edited by Joseph S. Pulver, Sr. (Fedogan and Bremer )
The Starlit Wood, edited by Dominik Parisien and Navah Wolfe (Saga Press )
Those Who Make Us: Canadian Creature, Myth, and Monster Stories, edited by Kelsi Morris and Kaitlin Tremblay (Exile Editions)
An Unreliable Guide to London, edited by Kit Caless and Gary Budden (Influx Press)


This is Horror Awards 2016: i vincitori

IMG_1955È stata pubblicata la lista dei vincitori del This is Horror Awards 2016, tra i quali segnaliamo tre Autori pubblicati in Italia da Edizioni Hypnos:

-John Langan, miglior romanzo con The Fisherman;

-Victor LaValle, migliore novella con The Ballad of Black Tom;

-Livia Llewellyn, migliore antologia di racconti con Furnace.







The list of the winners of This is Horror Awards 2016 is now available online.

Three of the Authors have been published in Italy by Edizioni Hypnos: John Langan (winner for best novel, with The Fisherman), Victor LaValle (winner for best novella with The Ballad of Black Tom) and Livia Llewellyn (winner for best anthology with Furnace)




The Best Horror of the Year vol.9

IMG_1772Rivelato il contenuto del nono volume dell’antologia con il meglio dell’horror annuale, curato da Ellen Datlow e in pubblicazione dalla Night Shades Books, The Best Horror of the Year vol.9.

L’uscita è prevista per il 20 giugno 2017.

Qui di seguito, la lista completa dei contenuti.

Nesters, Siobhan Carroll
The Oestridae, Robert Levy
The Process is a Process All its Own, Peter Straub
The Bad Hour, Christopher Golden
Red Rabbit, Steve Rasnic Tem
It’s All the Same Road in the End, Brian Hodge
Fury, DB Waters
Grave Goods, Gemma Files
Between Dry Ribs Gregory, Norman Bossert
The Days of Our Lives, Adam LG Nevill
House of Wonders, C.E Ward
The Numbers, Christopher Burns
Bright Crown of Joy, Livia Llewellyn
The Beautiful Thing We Will Become, Kristi DeMeester
Wish You Were Here, Nadia Bulkin
Ragman, Rebecca Lloyd
What’s Out There?, Gary McMahon
No Matter Which Way We Turned, Brian Evenson
The Castellmarch Man, Ray Cluley
The Ice Beneath Us, Steve Duffy
On These Blackened Shores of Time, Brian Hodge

The Best Horror of the Year Vol.9, edited by Ellen Datlow, will be published by Night Shades Books on June the 20th.

Find above the full list of contents.

Looming Low, antologia weird in uscita ad Agosto

Dim Shores annuncia la prossima pubblicazione, prevista per Agosto 2017, di una nuova e corposa antologia dedicata al weird, Looming Low, curata da Justin Steel e Sam Cowan: 26 racconti inediti dalle più prestigiose firme del weird.

L’antologia sarà presentata alla NecronomiCon 2017, che si terrà a Providence, dal 17 al 20 agosto.

img_1766Questo il contenuto del volume:

Nadia Bulkin — “Live Through This”
Michael Cisco — “Rock n’ Roll Death Squad”
Kristi DeMeester — “The Small Deaths of Skin and Plastic”
Brian Evenson — “The Second Door”
Kurt Fawver — “The Convexity of Our Youth”
Gemma Files — “Distant Dark Places”
Richard Gavin — “Banishments”
Craig Laurance Gidney — “Mirror Bias”
Michael Griffin — “The Sound of Black Dissects the Sun”
Lisa Hannett — “Outside, a Drifter”
Livia Llewellyn — “The Gin House”
Anya Martin — “Boisea trivittata”
Daniel Mills — “The Christiansen Deaths”
S.P. Miskowski — “Alligator Point”
Sunny Moraine — “We Grope Together, and Avoid Speech”
Scott Nicolay — “When the Blue Sky Breaks”
Betty Rocksteady — “Dusk Urchin”
Christopher Slatsky — “SPARAGMOS”
Lucy Snyder — “That Which Does Not Kill You”
Simon Strantzas — “Doused by Night”
Jeffrey Thomas — “Stranger in the House”
Damien Angelica Walters — “This Unquiet Space”
Brooke Warra — “Heirloom”
Kaaron Warren — “We Are All Bone Inside”
Michael Wehunt — “In Canada”
A.C. Wise — “The Stories We Tell About Ghosts”


Dim Shores announced a new huge anthology of short stories by the most famous Weird’s writer, Looming Low, edited by Justin Steel and Sam Cowan. The volume will be presented during the NecronomiCon 2017, to be held in Providence from 17 to 20 August.

This new collection will be published in August 2017 and will contain 26 unpublished stories: see above the full list.

Le donne del Weird

img_1697In occasione dei festeggiamenti per l’ottavo anno del “Women In Horror Month”, Weird Fiction Review celebra le miglior 14 scrittrici weird con i racconti pubblicati on line a partire dal 2014 sul proprio sito.

Un’occasione unica per leggere alcune tra le più interessanti proposte weird al femminile.

Tra le autrici presenti: Kelly Link, Leena Krohn, Livia Llewellyn, Anne-Sylvie Salzman.



To celebrate the 8th annual “Women in Horror Month”, Weird Fiction Review compiled a list of some of their favorite horror short stories published on the website by women writers since 2014. 

A great chance to read some of the most interesting Weird writers like, just to name a few, Kelly Link, Leena Krohn, Livia Llewellyn, Anne-Sylvie Salzman.


Black Feathers

img_1659Disponibile a partire dai primi giorni di febbraio Black Feathers: Dark Avian Tales: An Anthology, nuova raccolta curata da Ellen Datlow,  sedici racconti horror e weird che esplorano le regioni oscure che si annidano tra le ali delle creature che hanno ispirato tanti classici dell’horror, tra cui il capolavoro di Alfred Hitchcock, Gli uccelli, tratto da un testo di Daphne Du Marier. Si tratta di quattordici racconti inediti, scritti in occasione di questa antologia e due riproposte.

Gli autori inseriti nella raccolta sono M. John Harrison, Nicholas Royle, Paul Tremblay, Sandra Katsuri, Livia Llewellyn, Pat Cadigan, A.C. Wise, Jeffrey Ford, Seanan McGuire, Joyce Carol Oates, Alison Littlewood, Usman T. Malik, Priya Sharma, Richard Bowes, Mike O’Driscoll, Stephen Graham Jones.

Il volume, edito da Pegasus Books, è disponibile sia in versione cartacea che digitale.


O Terrible Bird – Sandra Kasturi
The Obscure Bird – Nicholas Royle (ristampa)
The Mathematical Inevitability of Corvids – Seanan McGuire
Something About Birds – Paul Tremblay
Great Blue Heron – Joyce Carol Oates
The Season of the Raptors – Richard Bowes
The Orphan Bird – Alison Littlewood
The Murmurations of Vienna Von Drome – Jeffrey Ford
Blyth’s Secret – Mike O’Driscoll
The Fortune of Sparrows – Usman T. Malik
Pigeon from Hell – Stephen Graham Jones
The Secret of Flight – A.C. Wise
Isobel Avens Returns to Stepney in the Spring – M. John Harrison (ristampa)
A Little Bird Told Me – Pat Cadigan
The Acid Test – Livia Llewellyn
The Crow Palace – Priya Sharma


Black Feathers: Dark Avian Tales: An Anthology, the new volume published by Pegasus Books and edited by Ellen Datlow: sixteen horror short stories, fourteen unpublished before, to explore the dark regions between the  wings of the obscure creatures of horror and weird literature. 

Here the list of the writers:  M. John Harrison, Nicholas Royle, Paul Tremblay, Sandra Katsuri, Livia Llewellyn, Pat Cadigan, A.C. Wise, Jeffrey Ford, Seanan McGuire, Joyce Carol Oates, Alison Littlewood, Usman T. Malik, Priya Sharma, Richard Bowes, Mike O’Driscoll, Stephen Graham Jones.

The volume is available in digital and paper edition.