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Vastarien: rivista dedicata a Ligotti e al fantastico

DE068243-5354-414B-9F25-1EAAA8600298Ha visto finalmente la luce il progetto Kickstarter cha ha portato al primo numero della rivista Vastarien : A Literary Journal, diretta da Matt Cardin e Jon Padgett, e dedicata all’opera di Thomas Ligotti e più in generale all’orrore sovrannaturale. Diversi contributi critici, ma ricca anche la parte di narrativa nelle fitte 284 pagine di questo primo numero. Ecco qui di seguito i contenuti.

It is finally available the first issue of Vastarien : A Literary Journal, directed by Matt Cardin and Jon Padgett, and focused on the works of Thomas Ligotti and the supernatural in general. Here follows the list of contents.

– Foreword to the Polish edition of Teatro Grottesco (Okultura, 2014)
Thomas Ligotti

– The Gods in Their Seats, Unblinking
Kurt Fawver

– The Nightmare of His Art: The Horrific Power of the Imagination in “The Troubles of Dr. Thoss” and “Gas Station Carnivals”
W. Silverwood

– Affirmation of the Spirit: Consciousness, Transformation, and the Fourth World in Film
Christopher Slatsky

– Try the Veal
Robert Beveridge

– How to Construct a Gun from Your Own Flesh
Michael Uhall

– “Eccentric to the Healthy Social Order”: Inversions of Family, Community, and Religion in Thomas Ligotti’s “The Last Feast of Harlequin”
Michael J. Abolafia

– “They say I should kill myself and not try to spoil their enjoyment in being alive”: An Interview with Thomas Ligotti
Wojciech Gunia

– Wraiths
Wade German

– Eraserhead as Antinatalist Allegory
Colby Smith

– The Theatre of Ovid
Aaron Worth

– The Alienation of the Self: Marx, Polanyi, and Ligottian Horror
S. L. Edwards

– Strange Bird
Ian Mullins

– Solar Flare
Paul L. Bates

– Night Walks: The Films of Val Lewton
Michael Penkas

– Infinite Light, Infinite Darkness
Martin Rose

– Nervous Wares & Abnormal Stares
Devin Goff

– My Time at the Drake Clinic
Jordan Krall

– Notes on a Horror
Dr. Raymond Thoss

– Singing the Song of My Unmaking
Christopher Ropes