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Rivelati i contenuti dell’Year’s Best Weird Fiction Vol. 5

7FD080E0-F95B-4B67-B512-6CBD87ADD83CMichael Kelly e il curatore ospite, lo scrittore Robert Shearman, hanno svelato i racconti presenti nel quinto volume dell’YBWF. Ecco la lista dei racconti che comporranno il volume, la cui uscita è prevista per ottobre 2018 per Undertow Books.


Michael Kelly and Robert Shearman revealed the contents of Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol. 5, to be published by Undertow Books in October.

Here follows the full list of contents.


• “Live Through This” by Nadia Bulkin.
• “Flotsam” by Daniel Carpenter
• “The Narrow Escape of Zipper-Girl” by Adam-Troy Castro
• “The Unwish” by Claire Dean
• “Worship Only What She Bleeds” by Kristi DeMeester
• “The Second Door” by Brian Evenson
• “When Words Change the Molecular Composition of Water” by Jenni Fagan
• “The Convexity of Our Youth” by Kurt Fawver
• “Corzo” by Brenna Gomez
• “The Mouse Queen” by Camilla Grudova
• “You Will Always Have Family: A Triptych” by Kathleen Kayembe
• “The Anteater” by Joshua King
• “Curb Day” by Rebecca Kuder
• “The Entertainment Arrives” by Alison Littlewood
• “The Rock Eater” by Ben Loory
• “Eight Bites” by Carmen Maria Carmen Machado
• “The Way She is With Strangers” by Helen Marshall
• “The Possession” by Michael Mirolla
• “Skins Smooth as Plantain, Hearts Soft as Mango” by Ian Muneshwar
• “House of Abjection” by David Peak
• “Disappearer” by KL Pereira
• “Red Hood” by Eric Schaller
• “Something About Birds” by Paul Tremblay
• “Take the Way Home That Leads Back To Sullivan Street” by Chavisa Woods

Nothing is Everything di Simon Strantzas

AE0051D9-B6EC-415E-B0FF-3C5224B9AE84La nuova antologia di racconti del talentuoso Simon Strantzas, Nothing is Everything per Undertow Publication, è stata annunciata per la pubblicazione a ottobre 2018. Qui potete ammirare l’anteprima della copertina, a opera dell’artista Tran Nguyen.

Il volume, insieme a All the Fabulous Beasts di Priya Sharma (aprile 2018) e Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 5 a cura di  Robert Shearman e Michael Kelly (ottobre 2018),
rientra nell’abbonamento 2018 di Undertow Publications, disponibile per la prenotazione a questo link.





Undertow Publication revealed the cover of the trade edition of Nothing is Everything by the brilliant Simon Strantzas, coming this October. Covert art by the artist Tran Nguyen.

The volume is included, together with All the Fabulous Beasts di Priya Sharma (April 2018) and Year’s Best Weird Fiction, Vol. 5 edited by Robert Shearman and Michael Kelly (October 2018), in the annual 2018 subscription  by Undertow Publication, available at this link.

Rivelata la copertina per Year’s Best Weird Fiction Vol. 5

Il quinto volume dell’Year’s Best Weird Fiction di Undertow Publications vedrà come curatore ospite Robert Shearman.

Ecco rivelata anche la copertina, a opera dell’artista americano Aron Wiesenfeld.



The 5th volume of Year’s Best Weird Fiction by Undertow Publications will have Robert Shearman as guest editor.

Here a preview of the cover art by the American artist Aron Wiesenfeld.

Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol.4


È finalmente disponibile il quarto volume dell’Year’s Best Weird Fiction, pubblicato da Undertow Publications e curato da Michael Kelly e Helen Marshall. Al momento per il mercato italiano è disponibile la sola versione ebook.



“I Was a Teenage Werewolf” by Dale Bailey (Nightmare Magazine #51)

“Breakdown” by Gary Budden (The Short Anthology: The Second Issue)

“The Signal Birds” by Octavia Cade (Liminal Stories #2)

“Breaking Water” by Indrapramit Das (

“The End of Hope Street” by Malcolm Devlin (Interzone #266)

“The Blameless” by Jeffrey Ford (A Natural History of Hell)

“Waxy” by Camilla Grudova (Granta Online)

“A Heavy Devotion” by Daisy Johnson (Fen)

“Red” by Katie Knoll (The Masters Review Online)

“In The Ruins of Mohenjo-Daro” by Usman T. Malik (The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu)

“Angel, Monster, Man” by Sam J. Miller (Nightmare Magazine #40)

“Outtakes” by Irenosen Okojie (Speak, Gigantular)

“Beating the Bounds” by Aki Schilz (The Unreliable Guide To London)

“The Kings With No Hands” by Johanna Sinisalo, translated by J. Robert Tupasela (Finnish Weird 3)

“The Dancer on the Stairs” by Sarah Tolmie (Two Travelers)


It is now available the fourth volume of Year’s Best Weird Fiction, published by Undertow Publications and edited by Michael Kelly and Helen Marshall.

Here the official page at Publisher’s website.

Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol.4

18155984_800130466805612_8494194950274704581_oRivelati i contenuti dell’appuntamento annuale con il meglio del weird, pubblicato dalla Undertow Publications.

Dopo Laird Barron, Kate Koja e Simon Strantzas, ad accompagnare Michael Kelly nella curatela del quarto volume di Year’s Best Weird Fiction, in uscita a ottobre 2017, è Helen Marshall. 

Qui sotto, l’indice completo delle quindici storie più interessanti del weird contemporaneo.


The list of contents of the fourth volume of the best of weird literature, Year’s Best Weird Fiction by Undertow Publications is now available: the volume will present fifthteen short stories, edited by Michael Kelly and the new guest editor, Hellen Marshall. Here follows the full list.

“I Was A Teenage Werewolf”, Dale Bailey
“Breakdown”, Gary Budden
“The Signal Birds”, Octavia Cade
“Breaking Water”, Indrapramit Das
“The End Of Hope Street”, Malcolm Devlin
“The Blameless”, Jeffrey Ford
“Waxy”, Camilla Grudova
“A Heavy Devotion”, Daisy Johnson.
“Red”, Katie Knoll
“In The Ruins Of Mohenjo-Daro” Usman T. Malik
“Angel, Monster, Man” Sam J. Miller
“Outtakes”, Irenosen Okojie
“Beating The Bounds”, Aki Schilz
“The Kings With No Hands”, Johanna Sinisalo
“The Dancer On The Stairs”, Sarah Tolmie

Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol.4

img_1682Annunciato il quarto volume di Year’s Best Weird Fiction pubblicato dalla Undertow Publications.

Ad affiancare Michael Kelly alla curatela, dopo Laird Barron, Kate Koja e Simon Strantzas, è Helen Marshall, l’autrice canadese che con la raccolta Gifts for the One Who Comes After ha vinto nel 2015 lo Shirley Jackson Award e il World Fantasy Award.

La copertina del quarto volume è stata affidata a Alex Andreev.




UndertowPubs, publisher of Year’s Weird Best Fiction, announced the cover art for the fourth volume, edited by Michael Kelly and Helen Marshall, canadian writer who won In 2015 the Shirley Jackson Award and the World Fantasy Award with the collection Gifts for the One Who Comes After.

The cover art for this volume is by Alex Andreev.

“Profondità” di Livia Llewellyn in preorder!


Sarà disponibile dalla metà di Ottobre il primo numero della nuovissima collana Visioni, di Edizioni Hypnos, dedicata agli Autori moderni e contemporanei di weird e horror, in formato novella o romanzo breve.

Apre le danze il volume Profondità di Livia Llewellyn, già nota ai lettori di Edizioni Hypnos per il bellissimo racconto “Fornace” presente nella raccolta Nuovi Incubi.

Il volume è in preorder allo speciale prezzo lancio di €6,90 a questo link.


Edizioni Hypnos will publish soon the first volume of its new series Visioni, focused on horror and weird novellas from modern and contemporary Authors.

The first volume is dedicated to Livia Llewellyn with Profondità, the Italian version of the novella Her Deepness: Livia Llewellyn is well known by Edizioni Hypnos’s readers for the beautiful short story “Furnace”, appeared in Nuovi Incubi (Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol.1).

Profondità is already available for preorder at this link, at the special price of €6,90.


Year’s Best Weird Fiction vol.3

imageDisponibile in versione digitale e cartacea il terzo volume della serie Year’s Best Weird Fiction, l’appuntamento annuale della Undertow Publications.

Accanto a Michael Kelly, il curatore ospite per il terzo volume è Simon Strantzas, tra le più apprezzate voci dell’horror e del weird contemporaneo.

Il volume presenta il meglio del weird pubblicato per la prima volta nel 2015. Accanto ai principali autori weird contemporanei, non poteva mancare il prezioso inedito di Robert Aickman, “The Strangers”, pubblicato da Tartarus Press nel volume omonimo.

Il volume è già disponibile sia in versione digitale che cartacea, e da quest’anno sarà disponibile anche la versione rilegata.
Questi gli autori presenti nel volume: Robert Aickman, Matthew M. Bartlett, Sadie Bruce, Nadia Bulkin, Ramsey Campbell, Brian Conn, Brian Evenson, L.S. Johnson, Rebecca Kuder, Tim Lebbon, Reggie Oliver, Lynda E. Rucker, Robert Shearman, Christopher Slatsky, D.P. Watt, Michael Wehunt, Marian Womack, Genevieve Valentine.

“Maybe the question isn’t what is Weird Fiction, but why? Why is this term growing in popularity as of late? If the term Horror is more appropriate, why not simply reclaim and rehabilitate it?”
Simon Strantzas, Guest Editor

It is now available in digital and paper edition the third volume of Year’s Best Weird Fiction, by Undertow Publications.

This year’s guest editor, together with Michael Kelly, is the well known writer Simon Strantzas, one of the most appreciated voices of modern horror and weird literature. 

The volume collects the best weird literature published  in 2015 for the first time and also Robert Aickman’s “The Strangers”, published by Tartarus Press; the book is now available in digital and paperback edition and, for the first time, also in hardback edition.

Here the list of the authors in the volume: Robert Aickman, Matthew M. Bartlett, Sadie Bruce, Nadia Bulkin, Ramsey Campbell, Brian Conn, Brian Evenson, L.S. Johnson, Rebecca Kuder, Tim Lebbon, Reggie Oliver, Lynda E. Rucker, Robert Shearman, Christopher Slatsky, D.P. Watt, Michael Wehunt, Marian Womack, Genevieve Valentine.


Simon Strantzas su Weird Magazine

imageWeird Magazine ha pubblicato un’intervista con Simon Strantzas, scrittore canadese di weird e horror, nonché celebre curatore e fondatore della rivista di critica letteraria “Thinking Horror”.

Strantzas, la cui ultima raccolta Soli Carbonizzati (Burnt Black Suns) è stata di recente pubblicata in Italia per Edizioni Hypnos, descrive le principali differenze tra le sue antologie di racconti, i suoi progetti futuri e parla della sua visione riguardante l’ispirazione letteraria e del concetto di “weird” e di “inconoscibile”.


Oltre all’antologia Soli Carbonizzati, Edizioni Hypnos ha pubblicato altri racconti di Strantzas: “Freddo al tatto” e “Luce morente”all’interno della rivista Hypnos 4, e “Il diciannovesimo gradino” in Nuovi Incubi.


Weird Magazine presents an interview with the canadian writer Simon Strantzas, author of weird and horror literature, well know editor, and founder of the literary magazine “Thinking Horror”.

Strantzas talks about Soli Carbonizzati (Black Burnt Suns), his last anthology published in Italy by Edizioni Hypnos, and also about his vision of weird and horror literature, his projects for the future and his inspirations.

The italian readers can find more stories by Simon Strantzas in Hypnos Magazine 4 (“Freddo al tatto” and “Luce morente”) and in the volume Nuovi Incubi (“Il diciannovesimo gradino”), both published by Edizioni Hypnos.




Mastodontico Cthulhu

image.jpgÈ in uscita, ad aprile, un nuovo imponente volume dedicato all’Orrore Cosmico dei mondi fantastici di H.P. Lovecraft: The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu, per Robinson Edizioni e a cura di Paula Guran.

L’antologia conterrà più di 20 racconti, inediti, di autori del weird e horror moderno, i quali reinterpreteranno, secondo il proprio stile e la propria sensibilità, i temi più classici della mitologia lovecraftiana.

Tra gli Autori presenti, segnaliamo Laird Barron, Richard Gavin, John Langan, W.H. Pugmire, Simon Strantzas, Damien Angelica Walters, A.C. Wise, già presenti nel volume 1 di Year’s Best Weird Fiction e che potete leggere in edizione italiana nel volume Nuovi Incubi pubblicato da Edizioni Hypnos.


The Mammoth Book of Cthulhu is a new anthology, soon to be published by Robinson and edited by Paula Guran, with more than 20 original stories by contemporary writers of weird and horror literature. 

Those talented writers will guide you in a new exciting trip through the cosmic horror, re-inventing and re-imagining the typical lovecraftian atmosphere for your modern fears and nightmares…

The stories of many authors of this anthology were already selected to be part of Year’s Best Weird Fiction volume 1 (Laird Barron, Richard Gavin, John Langan, W.H. Pugmire, Simon Strantzas, Damien Angelica Walters, A.C. Wise) and you can read them in italian translation in the volume Nuovi Incubi by Edizioni Hypnos.